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Vacation Rentals are BOOMING in SWFL!

Naples, Florida, has become a hotbed for real estate growth in recent years. There are plenty of waterfront homes, and costs are lower and more competitive than ever. According to WalletHub, Naples ranked number one compared to 191 beach towns across the entire United States. Can you imagine Naples outranking places like Hawaii?

The ranking was based on weather, safety, affordability, education & health, economy, and the quality of life, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. No other community comes close to beating Naples, and it isn’t surprising if you take a better look at it. Naples has affordable rental prices, home purchasing, walkability, good weather, low unemployment rates, and a wide range of activities.

The good thing with the southwest coast is it is nearly always sunny and about 75°. Who wouldn’t want to live here with great weather, sceneries, and location? It is one reason people flock to invest in real estate in Naples. This is an attractive and worthy place to invest. Especially with the growth of the vacation rental market and the area’s huge tourism draw. But what other reasons would you have to invest in this emerging market?


With Naples, FL, the location is one of the best reasons to invest. When buying vacation rental homes, choosing the right location is key. You must first make sure it is located somewhere with a constant demand for short-term accommodations. Naples is a highly desired vacation spot making it one of the best places to invest in vacation rentals.

A vacation rental investment in Naples is a worthy investment. It is one of the best desirable vacation destinations for anyone looking to find an exotic basecamp near an enjoyable site in Naples.

Busy and Enjoyable

With vacation properties, timing is vital. Naples is a place that is busy during peak vacation season. The most active seasons for vacation rentals, according to LuxRe Vacations, are the summer months and the warm-weather holidays like Labor Day Weekend, Spring Break, and Fourth of July. Naples enjoys peak business during these seasons, which means more profits for the vacation rental owners.

For many other parts of the country, vacation rental owners find that the property is in use only during peak seasons. They end up using it in the less desirable seasons. This isn’t the case with Naples vacation rentals managed by LuxRe Vacation homes. The less busy seasons in Naples for tourism have great weather, making the property excellent for year-round use. With LuxRe Vacations in Naples, you enjoy total vacation season profits, and you also get great personal benefits from the property.

Easy Upkeep

With property management companies in Naples like LuxRe Vacations, upkeep becomes easy. Maybe you don’t live in Naples but want to own a few vacation rentals. Your best bet is collaborating with a vacation rental management company like LuxRe Vacations. As an absentee owner, we keep your property at its best. We handle all the day-to-day maintenance of your vacation rental in the best way possible, maintaining the property in great shape.

With multiple properties in the southwest coast under our belt already, we are the vacation rental management company to give you all the information and advice you need about owning vacation rentals in Naples. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Frequent cleaning

  • On-location maintenance support

  • Advanced cross-platform marketing of your property

  • Experience management for your guests

It’s not even a surprise that the southwest coast Florida town has outranked Hawaii’s shores? It ranks as the number one beach town to live in. Imagine owning some vacation rentals here and having a rental management company handle everything for you? You enjoy profits with zero stress on property management.

Property Management with LuxRe Vacations

In Naples, property sales have now hit a record high. For example, according to Naples Florida Realty, home sales in the first two weeks of last year, July, surpassed the months of May and June as per the previous research. A year later, the market is now hotter than it has been. This, combined with an abundance of gorgeous weather and low rates, makes it the best time to invest in a Naples vacation rental.

The great news in Naples is at LuxRe Vacations, we know and understand the southwest coast market perfectly. With so many other vacation rentals under our Vacation Rental Management Company LuxRe Vacations, we know how to get you maximum profits from your vacation rentals. There is no better time for you to buy a Naples home and invest in your Naples future.

Mortgage rates are holding steady at a low rate of 3%! This is great news for property owners and investors looking to expand their share in Naples real estate market. Come to LuxRe Vacations and let us help you navigate through the waters of the Naples real estate market. We will guide you right from purchasing the rental home to managing all your properties in Naples.

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