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Karly Carbaella

Karly Carballea




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Karly's Story

Karly Carballea is a caring, honest and hardworking Realtor. She always had a love for Real Estate so after college and some time working in management she decided it was time to turn her passion into a career.


Karly is a Florida native and was raised right here in Naples, Florida. This has given her the advantage of really knowing all the ins and outs of her community and its various neighborhoods. She has the local knowledge and skills and experience needed to help confidently advise her clients!


Her clients often tell her they love how quick she is to respond and how positive her attitude is during the entire transaction!


When she’s not selling Real Estate Karly enjoys spending time with her husband and their three daughters doing home renovation projects and cooking family meals together.

Let's Connect!

Contact me using the info to the right or reach out to the LuxRe TEAM below!


878 Neapolitan Way

Naples FL 34103

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